Ideas for Summer-themed Sewing Projects

Each year I discover unique, cute ideas for summer arts and crafts projects, including everything from sewing and quilting in season-appropriate designs to embroidering on mats, coasters, throw pillows, and tote bags.

25 Ideas for Summer-themed Sewing Projects

It was fun to create a comprehensive list of them all in one place, and so I have once again updated it.

There’s a wide variety of approaches to creating art here, including both quick and easy ones as well as projects that require more time and patience. Many patterns or tutorials are available for free, some are purchases. (Including some affiliate links)

There are a couple of enticing options to pick from!

I think scrolling through these joyful, cheerful projects will inject a bit of sunshine into your day, lighten your mood, and inspire you. Additionally, these extravagant paintings remind us of the picturesque nature of summer.

If you’re already managing your workload, just download this image and pin it to keep your projects neatly organized.

Small summer sewing projects may be enjoyed

Quilted Strawberry Coaster free tutorial

These Strawberry Coasters by Nadra of Ellis & Higgs are a perennial favorite.

Quilted Leaf Coaster tutorial by Sedef Imer

Eugene Rojas created these lovely leaves as another kind of this quilted coaster. Quilted Leaf Coaster tutorial here.

Or maybe you’ve got some orphan quilt blocks laying around – they’d also make simple quilted drink coasters.

Hello Summer Stitch Hoop art project

Hello Summer retro-style hoop art project tutorial by Bev of Flamingo Toes

Parfait zip pouch tutorial by Dana of Made Everyday

Reversible Pool-side tote bag tutorial by Amanda of Jedi Craft Girl

Handy reversible pool-side tote bag tutorial by Amanda of Jedi Craft Girl

How to sew Outdoor Pillows - tutorial by Melissa of Polkadot Chair

Outdoor Pillow tutorial with applique from Melissa at the Polkadot Chair

Pixelated Pineapple mini quilt free pattern

Pixelated Pineapple mini quilt tutorial from Sassafras Lane Designs

Sunny Days mini quilt pattern by Center Street Designs

Sunny Days mini quilt pattern from Center Street Quilts

You Are My Sunshine mini quilt pattern by Ameroonie Designs

You are my Sunshine mini quilt pattern from Ameroonie Designs

Also from Ameroonie Designs – a fun new Popsicle mug rug tutorial – I love all of the variations she shows.

Two Scoops Ice Cream mini quilt pattern by Christopher Thompson

A few other popsicle options: Two Scoops mini quilt pattern (features foundation paper-piecing) from Christopher Thompson of the Tattooed Quilter

Popsicle Party quilted table runner by Megan of Canoe Ridge Creations – free pattern Popsicle Party PDF here.

S’moores Embroidery Hoop Art tutorial by Bev of Flamingo Toes

Lemon Wedge Foundation Paper Piece block pattern by Center Street Quilts

Adorable Citrus Wedge (above) and Ice Cream Scoop (below) foundation paper-piecing blocks by Quilty Pie found here

Summer-themed Sewing Ideas: Ice Cream Scoop quilt pattern by Quilty Pie

Ideas for Summer-themed sewing projects: Nautical Quilt blocks from Ellis and Higgs

The cutest ever Nautical quilt blocks from Nadra of Ellis and Higgs

Summer Fruit Mini Quilts from Ameroonie Designs – pattern includes a variety of different applique fruit designs.

Ideas for Summer-themed Quilts

Ideas for Summer-themed sewing projects: Free Pineapple quilt pattern by Jackie Padesky

Pixelated Pineapple pattern by Jackie Padesky. Free Pineapple pattern PDF here.

Ideas for Summer-themed Sewing projects: Firefly Quilt pattern by Pen and Paper Patterns

Firefly Quilt by Pen & Paper patterns. (This quilt makes me swoon a little.)

Fresh as a Daisy quilt pattern from Pen and Paper

I equally love this Fresh As A Daisy quilt pattern also from Pen & Paper patterns.

Ideas for summer-themed sewing projects: Free Watermelon quilt pattern by Suzy Quilts

Mod Melons free quilt pattern from Suzy Quilts

Giant Sliced watermelon wedge quilt pattern from Slice of Pi Quilts

Citrus Slice table runner and quilt pattern by Whole Circle Studio

Summer-themed Sewing Projects - Hot Air Balloon quilt by Woodberry Way

Rise – Hot Air Balloon quilt pattern by Alli of Woodberry Way

Ideas for Summer-Themed Sewing projects: Popsicle Parade Quilt by Hello Melly Designs

Popsicle Parade quilt pattern by Melanie Collette of Hello Melly Designs

Summer-themed Quilts: Pineapple Love by Maker Valley Patterns

Pineapple Love Quilt pattern by Maker Valley

Beach Bum baby quilt by Hello Melly Designs – Can you observe towels and beach umbrellas near the water?

The Summer Bunting FQ quilt pattern is a quick one to make. Summer Bunting quilt pattern found here.

Ideas for Summer-themed Sewing Projects - Pixelated Rose quilt pattern from Trish Poolson for Riley Blake Designs

Pixelated Rose free quilt pattern PDF from Riley Blake Designs

And there you go! How’s that for a bunch of quilty bottled sunshine? Might be even more therapeutic to take one of these ideas for summer-themed sewing projects in the middle of winter to have it ready for next summer as well as keep that sunshine in your life on cold, gray days.

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