After 4 sections on tote bags first, hope you have sewn yourself a really satisfied bag. Today we continue our series on sewing tote bags. Today’s bag is a tote bag for the summer. This bag is super cute, let’s see how to make the bag.

how to sew a tote bag p5

Materials and tools needed when sewing TOTE bags

Red fabric

Green fabric

Bag lining fabric

1 big wooden button

1 small piece of elastic band 8cm long

1 piece of belt 70cm. long



Fabric drawing pen

Needle, thread

Sewing machine

How to sew a TOTE bag

Step 1: cut the fabric

You cut the fabric to the following sizes:

Red fabric: you cut 2 pieces of square 35x35cm then cut for 2 rounded corners.

Green fabric: you cut into a rectangular piece of fabric 8x72cm and 1 piece of fabric for the bottom of the bag. You take a piece of red fabric that just fits, you measure from the top of square 1 to the top of square 2 to the longest length to get the length of the fabric to make the side of the bag. About the width of the bag, it is up to you to choose according to your preferences. You can cut it into rectangular strips or cut the middle round gourd.

Inner fabric: You cut 2 pieces of body like red and 1 piece of hip bag like blue.

Step 2: make the bag string

You take a piece of blue cloth as a bag cord, fold the fabric vertically on both sides and then iron it right away. Then you use the straps to go up to cover the fabric that can split vertically. You align the belt in the middle, then use a pin to pin it and sew 2 lines along both sides of the belt to fasten the straps and bag straps.

how to sew a tote bag p5

Step 3: Sew the side of the bag and the body of the bag

This step, if you have watched the previous parts, you are already familiar.

You use a needle to pin the blue fabric to sew the side of the bag to connect with 2 pieces of red fabric on the body of the bag. Then sew a line 1 cm from the edge.

With the lining, you do the same.

how to sew a tote bag p5

Step 4: sew the mouth of the bag

Now you turn the lining fabric out and insert it into the fabric on the outside of the bag.

But you remember to make a mark and attach the bag strap, the elastic band folds in the correct position. The bag straps are at the two ends of the bag, the elastic is attached in the middle of one side of the body of the bag. You use a stapler. Then you sew a loop around the mouth of the bag. Remember to leave a piece of 8-10cm.

how to sew a tote bag p5

Step 5:

You turn the bag inside out. Then sew 2 lines around the bag 0.2cm and 1.2cm from the edge.

You attach the wooden button to the red body, near the mouth of the bag so that it is opposite and just the distance from the elastic band so that you can fasten the bag, avoiding it to burst.

Now you can iron it and use it.

how to sew a tote bag p5

Good luck and have a nice tote bag for yourself and the people around you.

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