Quilted coasters tutorial by Eugene Rojas

Eugene Rojas is particularly thrilled that popular guest columnists Eugene Rojas send him the posts that end up on our sites. Visit us today to check out a cute quilted coasters tutorial perfect for gifts or summer entertainment! This installment of Eugene’s upcoming collection is Elation, coming in June from Catherina Watts Designs.


it’s Eugene Rojas here. I’m happy to be returning to Cadence’s blog today as a guest contributor! My sewist’s motto is delightfully contemporary, so today I’ll be sharing my free tutorial on how to personally make this cute set of coasters that really reflects my sewist style. I’m a happy, fresh, and very Zakka!

The synthetic fabrics I used to produce this year’s line, called Elation, are from my new collection called  Elation for Catherina Watts Designs. The cheerful, bright colors of the line were inspired by the colorful tiled roofs of the picturesque Italian villages of Cinque Terre. I led my husband to these Italian villages years ago, and I have many happy memories still.

These are the materials you’ll need, along with the instructions you need, to make these sweet coasters. Have fun sewing!


(1) 7″ square print fabric (coaster top)
(2) 3 ¾″ x 7″ print fabric (coaster backing)
(1) 7″ square wadding (batting)


1. Sew the two 3 ¾″ x 7″ pieces together along one long edge with a ¼″ seam, leaving a 2″ unsewn gap in the middle – this is the gap through which we will turn the coaster inside out later on. Press the seam open. Your finished coaster backing piece should measure 7″ square.

2. Print the PDF coaster template and tape it to a window (or use a lightbox if you have one). Place the 7″ coaster top fabric on top, right side facing towards you, lining it up with the 7″ square in the template. Using a removable fabric pen trace the leaf vein outline in the center (no need to trace the outline of the leaf on this piece).

3. Next place the 7″ backing piece from step 1 on top of the template on the window (or lightbox), wrong side facing towards you, lining it up with the 7″ square in the pattern. Trace the leaf outline on the wrong side of the backing piece.

4. Place the 7″ square of wadding on the table, then place the coaster front on top, right side facing up, and the coaster backing on top of that, the wrong side facing up. Pin the three pieces together.

5. Sew along the traced leaf outline all the way around, securing your beginning and end stitches well. Trim off the excess fabric and batting with pinking shears.

6. Turn the coaster inside out through the opening at the back. Using a turning tool or a blunt pointy instrument such as a chopstick push out the edges until you get a nice leaf shape. Hand sews the gap closed with a blind stitch or whip stitch.

7. Top stitch around the perimeter of the coaster. Quilt the coaster by sewing along the leaf vein tracing. I machine quilted using 12wt Aurifil thread in black and went over the veins a couple of times. You can hand the quilt also.

And that concludes my quilted coasters tutorial – thank you for joining me today! Please come visit me over on my blog Eugene’s tuts and you can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram where I share lots more ideas and inspiration. Also, check out my new book All About Home Craftings which is full of sweet patterns similar to this one. Happy sewing!  



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